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120%+ Battery Life Patented Technology
  • 8 Cells HP Compaq Pavilion Dv9000 Pavilion Dv9000 Dv9100 Dv9200 Dv9300 Dv9400 Dv9500 Dv9600 Dv9700 Dv9800 Dv9900 Series Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 14.4V 5200mAh

Premium 8 Cells HP Compaq Pavilion Dv9000 Pavilion Dv9000 Dv9100 Dv9200 Dv9300 Dv9400 Dv9500 Dv9600 Dv9700 Dv9800 Dv9900 Series Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 14.4V 5200mAh

  • Model #: HP DV9000 Battery
  • List Price: US$90.00
  • Price: US$35.95

  • You Save: US$54.05 (60%)

  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 18 Months
  • Availability: 100+ available / 29 sold
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  • Location: NJ / CA, United States

  • 18 Month Warranty Premium quality Extreme performance 30 day money back guarantee

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  • Price: US$35.95

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      HP DV9000

      Part Numbers:

      416996-131, 434674-001, 448007-001, 
      EV087AA, EX942AA

      Fits Models:

      HP COMPAQ 
      Pavilion dv9000 Series      Pavilion dv9000EA      Pavilion dv9000T   
          Pavilion dv9000Z      Pavilion dv9001EA      Pavilion dv9001TX   
          Pavilion dv9001XX      Pavilion dv9002EA      Pavilion dv9002TX   
          Pavilion dv9002XX      Pavilion dv9003EA      Pavilion dv9003TX   
          Pavilion dv9003XX      Pavilion dv9004TX      Pavilion dv9004XX   
          Pavilion dv9005CA      Pavilion dv9005EA      Pavilion dv9005TX   
          Pavilion dv9005US      Pavilion dv9005XX      Pavilion dv9006OM   
          Pavilion dv9006TX      Pavilion dv9007TX      Pavilion dv9008NR   
          Pavilion dv9008TX      Pavilion dv9009CA      Pavilion dv9009CL   
          Pavilion dv9009TX      Pavilion dv9010CA      Pavilion dv9010TX   
          Pavilion dv9010US      Pavilion dv9011TX      Pavilion dv9012TX   
          Pavilion dv9013CA      Pavilion dv9013CL      Pavilion dv9013TX   
          Pavilion dv9014EA      Pavilion dv9014TX      Pavilion dv9015EA   
          Pavilion dv9015TX      Pavilion dv9016EA      Pavilion dv9016TX   
          Pavilion dv9017TX      Pavilion dv9018EA      Pavilion dv9018TX   
          Pavilion dv9019EA      Pavilion dv9019TX      Pavilion dv9020TX   
          Pavilion dv9021TX      Pavilion dv9022EA      Pavilion dv9022TX   
          Pavilion dv9024EA      Pavilion dv9030EA      Pavilion dv9030US   
          Pavilion dv9033CL      Pavilion dv9035EA      Pavilion dv9035NR   
          Pavilion dv9036EA      Pavilion dv9037EA      Pavilion dv9038EA   
          Pavilion dv9039EA      Pavilion dv9040EA      Pavilion dv9040US   
          Pavilion dv9041EA      Pavilion dv9042EA      Pavilion dv9043EA   
          Pavilion dv9044EA      Pavilion dv9045EA      Pavilion dv9046EA   
          Pavilion dv9047EA      Pavilion dv9048EA      Pavilion dv9049EA   
          Pavilion dv9050EA      Pavilion dv9051EA      Pavilion dv9052EA   
          Pavilion dv9053EA      Pavilion dv9054EA      Pavilion dv9055EA   
          Pavilion dv9056EA      Pavilion dv9057EA      Pavilion dv9058EA   
          Pavilion dv9059EA      Pavilion dv9060EA      Pavilion dv9060US   
          Pavilion dv9061EA      Pavilion dv9064EA      Pavilion dv9065EA   
          Pavilion dv9066EA      Pavilion dv9067EA      Pavilion dv9068EA   
          Pavilion dv9072EA      Pavilion dv9073EA      Pavilion dv9074CL   
          Pavilion dv9074EA      Pavilion dv9075EA      Pavilion dv9075EU   
          Pavilion dv9075LA      Pavilion dv9076EA      Pavilion dv9077EA   
          Pavilion dv9078EA      Pavilion dv9079EA      Pavilion dv9080EA   
          Pavilion dv9081EA      Pavilion dv9082EA      Pavilion dv9083EA   
          Pavilion dv9084EA      Pavilion dv9085EA      Pavilion dv9086EA   
          Pavilion dv9087EA      Pavilion dv9088EA      Pavilion dv9089EA   
          Pavilion dv9090EA      Pavilion dv9091EA      Pavilion dv9092EA   
          Pavilion dv9093EA      Pavilion dv9094EA      Pavilion dv9095EA   
          Pavilion dv9095EU      Pavilion dv9095XX      Pavilion dv9096EA   
          Pavilion dv9096XX      Pavilion dv9097EA      Pavilion dv9097XX   
          Pavilion dv9098XX      Pavilion dv9099EA      Pavilion dv9099XX   
          Pavilion dv9100 Series      Pavilion dv9105EU      Pavilion dv9200 Series  
          Pavilion dv9200XX      Pavilion dv9201CA      Pavilion dv9201TX   
          Pavilion dv9202EA      Pavilion dv9202TX      Pavilion dv9203TX   
          Pavilion dv9204TX      Pavilion dv9205CA      Pavilion dv9205EU   
          Pavilion dv9205TX      Pavilion dv9205US      Pavilion dv9206EU   
          Pavilion dv9206TX      Pavilion dv9207TX      Pavilion dv9208NR   
          Pavilion dv9208TX      Pavilion dv9209TX      Pavilion dv9210CA   
          Pavilion dv9210TX      Pavilion dv9210US      Pavilion dv9211EA   
          Pavilion dv9211TX      Pavilion dv9212EA      Pavilion dv9212TX   
          Pavilion dv9213EA      Pavilion dv9213TX      Pavilion dv9214EA   
          Pavilion dv9214TX      Pavilion dv9215TX      Pavilion dv9216EA   
          Pavilion dv9216TX      Pavilion dv9217EA      Pavilion dv9217TX   
          Pavilion dv9218EA      Pavilion dv9218TX      Pavilion dv9219EA   
          Pavilion dv9219TX      Pavilion dv9220CA      Pavilion dv9220EU   
          Pavilion dv9220TX      Pavilion dv9220US      Pavilion dv9221TX   
          Pavilion dv9225US      Pavilion dv9230US      Pavilion dv9231CA   
          Pavilion dv9232EU      Pavilion dv9233CA      Pavilion dv9233CL   
          Pavilion dv9233EU      Pavilion dv9235NR      Pavilion dv9237EU   
          Pavilion dv9243EA      Pavilion dv9244EA      Pavilion dv9244EU   
          Pavilion dv9248EA      Pavilion dv9252EU      Pavilion dv9253EA   
          Pavilion dv9254EU      Pavilion dv9255EA      Pavilion dv9260NR   
          Pavilion dv9260US      Pavilion dv9265LA      Pavilion dv9266EA   
          Pavilion dv9266EU      Pavilion dv9267EA      Pavilion dv9268EA   
          Pavilion dv9269EA      Pavilion dv9271EA      Pavilion dv9272EA   
          Pavilion dv9273EA      Pavilion dv9274EU      Pavilion dv9275EA   
          Pavilion dv9275LA      Pavilion dv9276EA      Pavilion dv9283EA   
          Pavilion dv9285EA      Pavilion dv9286EA      Pavilion dv9287CL   
          Pavilion dv9288EA      Pavilion dv9289EA      Pavilion dv9291EA   
          Pavilion dv9292EU      Pavilion dv9294EA      Pavilion dv9294EU   
          Pavilion dv9295EA      Pavilion dv9295EU      Pavilion dv9296EA   
          Pavilion dv9296EU      Pavilion dv9297EA      Pavilion dv9299EA   
          Pavilion dv9299XX      Pavilion dv9500 Series      Pavilion dv9500/CT   
          Pavilion dv9500t      Pavilion dv9500z      Pavilion dv9525us   
          Pavilion dv9535us      Pavilion dv9600 Series      Pavilion dv9604TX   
          Pavilion dv9605TX      Pavilion dv9700 Series      Pavilion dv9700/CT   
          Pavilion dv9700t      Pavilion dv9700z   
       Series Laptop Battery


      Compatible with 14.4v / 14.8v only




      271.95 x 52.70 x 21.80 mm








      Product Features


      • 18 month warranty, 30 day money back & 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, 100,000+ happy customers!
      • #1 laptop battery life in industry. 700-800 full charges & discharges. 20%+ more than industry average in tests.
      • New replacement HP DV9000 battery. Premium Japanese cells with industry-leading patented technologies!
      • Built-in safeguards protect against short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharging and overheating. Built to be reliable.
      • Manufactured to the highest quality available in industry with true enhanced performance.
      • Average run-time: 4-6 hours (6 or 8 cells, 4400-5200mAh), 6-8 hours (9 or 12 cells, 6600-8800mAh).
      • 50%+ off suggested retail price. The most durable HP DV9000 battery at an affordable price.
      • No memory effect and environmentally friendly.
      • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001, UL.

      * This is an 100% compatible replacement accessory. Related trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

      Company Profile


      We are a professional manufacturer of laptop accessories with a wide selection of models compatible with major laptop brands. A complete set of manufacturing and testing processes, including Molding & Injection, COB Testing, Automatic SMT, Aging Testing, and Quality Control, ensures us to fulfill the fast-rising market demands with the best quality of products. Our products are precision-engineered and rigorously tested for voltage, current, compatibility and safety to exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art PCB designs add huge value to the product stability, safety and performance, and have made us a true leader in the ever-changing market.

      Our company is ISO9001 certified and all of our products have passed CE and FCC certifications. The faith of our production and R&D team is to pay endless efforts on quality. In order to achieve consistent manufacturing quality, particularly in mass production phases, our Quality Control department keeps close eyes on raw materials and components, and ensures that our manufacturing process and products are always in compliance with both industrial and international standards.

      Customer Reviews
      My battery shipped FAST and was a perfect fit for my M1530. Very pleased with the price. My laptop now runs on battery like it did when it was new. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

      Customer Isabelle

      Warranty replacement received. Excellent customer service! Thank you.

      Customer Nolan

      I lost my laptop adapter and found the replacement here. The site was easy to use, and my order arrived in 3 days. I have to thank you for getting my laptop up and running again :)

      Customer Nathaniel

      We are a high school. Searched a number of sites for the battery for our laptops and found this site. Not only was the product a great price (better than anyone else), their batteries outperformed the OEM. Thank You for a great experience!

      Customer Alice

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