18 Month Warranty

120%+ Battery Life Patented Technology
  • 8 Cells HP Omnibook 6000 6100 Vt6200 Xt6050 Xt6200 Pavilion N6000 N6100 N6190 N6195 N6300 N6395 N6396 N6397 N6398 N6399 N6400 N6401 N6402 N6403 N6404 N6490 Series Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 14.8V 4400mAh

Premium 8 Cells HP Omnibook 6000 6100 Vt6200 Xt6050 Xt6200 Pavilion N6000 N6100 N6190 N6195 N6300 N6395 N6396 N6397 N6398 N6399 N6400 N6401 N6402 N6403 N6404 N6490 Series Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 14.8V 4400mAh

  • Model #: HP F2019 Battery
  • List Price: US$118.00
  • Price: US$46.95

  • You Save: US$71.05 (60%)

  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 18 Months
  • Availability: 100+ available / 10 sold
  • Shipping: 2-5 Business Day Standard Shipping
  •               1-3 Business Day Expedited Shipping
  • Location: NJ / CA, United States

  • 18 Month Warranty Premium quality Extreme performance 30 day money back guarantee

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    1-4 US$46.95 No
    5-9 US$45.54 3%
    10-19 US$44.60 5%
    20-29 US$43.66 7%
    30-49 US$43.19 8%
    50-99 US$42.26 10%
    100+ US$41.32 12%

  • Price: US$46.95

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      * For longer run-time, search for higher capacity models with more mAh or Whr.


      HP F2019

      Part Numbers:

      F2019, F2019-60901, F2019-60902,
       F2019A, F2019B, F2072-60906

      Fits Models:

      OmniBook 6000      OmniBook 6000 Series      OmniBook 6000-F2044W  
          OmniBook 6000-F2044WR      OmniBook 6000-F2044WT      OmniBook 6000-F2045KT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2072K      OmniBook 6000-F2072KG      OmniBook 6000-F2072KT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2072KU      OmniBook 6000-F2072W      OmniBook 6000-F2072WG   
          OmniBook 6000-F2072WT      OmniBook 6000-F2072WU      OmniBook 6000-F2073K   
          OmniBook 6000-F2073KG      OmniBook 6000-F2073KT      OmniBook 6000-F2073KU   
          OmniBook 6000-F2073W      OmniBook 6000-F2073WG      OmniBook 6000-F2073WT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2073WU      OmniBook 6000-F2078K      OmniBook 6000-F2078KT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2078W      OmniBook 6000-F2078WR      OmniBook 6000-F2078WT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2079K      OmniBook 6000-F2079KG      OmniBook 6000-F2079KR   
          OmniBook 6000-F2079KT      OmniBook 6000-F2079KU      OmniBook 6000-F2079W   
          OmniBook 6000-F2079WG      OmniBook 6000-F2079WT      OmniBook 6000-F2079WU   
          OmniBook 6000-F2080K      OmniBook 6000-F2080KG      OmniBook 6000-F2080KT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2080KU      OmniBook 6000-F2080W      OmniBook 6000-F2080WG   
          OmniBook 6000-F2080WT      OmniBook 6000-F2080WU      OmniBook 6000-F2081K   
          OmniBook 6000-F2081KG      OmniBook 6000-F2081KT      OmniBook 6000-F2081KU   
          OmniBook 6000-F2081W      OmniBook 6000-F2081WG      OmniBook 6000-F2081WT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2081WU      OmniBook 6000-F2082K      OmniBook 6000-F2082KG   
          OmniBook 6000-F2082KT      OmniBook 6000-F2082KU      OmniBook 6000-F2082W   
          OmniBook 6000-F2082WG      OmniBook 6000-F2082WT      OmniBook 6000-F2082WU   
          OmniBook 6000-F2082WV      OmniBook 6000-F2083K      OmniBook 6000-F2083KG   
          OmniBook 6000-F2083KT      OmniBook 6000-F2083KU      OmniBook 6000-F2083W   
          OmniBook 6000-F2083WG      OmniBook 6000-F2083WT      OmniBook 6000-F2083WU   
          OmniBook 6000-F2084K      OmniBook 6000-F2084KG      OmniBook 6000-F2084KT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2084KU      OmniBook 6000-F2084W      OmniBook 6000-F2084WG   
          OmniBook 6000-F2084WT      OmniBook 6000-F2084WU      OmniBook 6000-F2086K   
          OmniBook 6000-F2086W      OmniBook 6000-F2086WT      OmniBook 6000-F2087K   
          OmniBook 6000-F2087KG      OmniBook 6000-F2087KT      OmniBook 6000-F2087KU   
          OmniBook 6000-F2087W      OmniBook 6000-F2087WG      OmniBook 6000-F2087WT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2087WU      OmniBook 6000-F2088K      OmniBook 6000-F2088KG   
          OmniBook 6000-F2088KT      OmniBook 6000-F2088KU      OmniBook 6000-F2088W   
          OmniBook 6000-F2088WG      OmniBook 6000-F2088WT      OmniBook 6000-F2088WU   
          OmniBook 6000-F2089K      OmniBook 6000-F2089W      OmniBook 6000-F2090K   
          OmniBook 6000-F2090KG      OmniBook 6000-F2090KT      OmniBook 6000-F2090KU   
          OmniBook 6000-F2090W      OmniBook 6000-F2090WG      OmniBook 6000-F2090WT   
          OmniBook 6000-F2090WU      OmniBook 6000-F2091K      OmniBook 6000-F2091KG   
          OmniBook 6000-F2091KT      OmniBook 6000-F2091KU      OmniBook 6000-F2091W   
          OmniBook 6000-F2091WG      OmniBook 6000-F2091WT      OmniBook 6000-F2091WU   
          OmniBook 6000-F2263WT      OmniBook 6000-F2270WT      OmniBook 6000-F2444KG   
          OmniBook 6000-F2444W      OmniBook 6000-F2444WG      OmniBook 6000-F2444WT   
          OmniBook 6000-F3752KG      OmniBook 6000-F3752W      OmniBook 6000-F3752WT   
          OmniBook 6000-F3752WV      OmniBook 6000B Series      OmniBook 6000B-F2050K   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2140K      OmniBook 6000B-F2140W      OmniBook 6000B-F2141K   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2141W      OmniBook 6000B-F2142K      OmniBook 6000B-F2142KR   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2142W      OmniBook 6000B-F2143K      OmniBook 6000B-F2143W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2144K      OmniBook 6000B-F2144KT      OmniBook 6000B-F2144W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2144WT      OmniBook 6000B-F2145K      OmniBook 6000B-F2145W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2146K      OmniBook 6000B-F2146W      OmniBook 6000B-F2147K   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2147W      OmniBook 6000B-F2148K      OmniBook 6000B-F2148KG   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2148KT      OmniBook 6000B-F2148KU      OmniBook 6000B-F2148W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2148WT      OmniBook 6000B-F2149K      OmniBook 6000B-F2149W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2150K      OmniBook 6000B-F2150KT      OmniBook 6000B-F2150W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2150WT      OmniBook 6000B-F2151K      OmniBook 6000B-F2151KT   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2151W      OmniBook 6000B-F2182K      OmniBook 6000B-F2182KG   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2182KT      OmniBook 6000B-F2182W      OmniBook 6000B-F2182WG   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2182WT      OmniBook 6000B-F2183K      OmniBook 6000B-F2183KG   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2183W      OmniBook 6000B-F2184K      OmniBook 6000B-F2184KG   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2184KT      OmniBook 6000B-F2184W      OmniBook 6000B-F2184WG   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2184WT      OmniBook 6000B-F2185K      OmniBook 6000B-F2185W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2186K      OmniBook 6000B-F2186KT      OmniBook 6000B-F2186W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2186WT      OmniBook 6000B-F2187K      OmniBook 6000B-F2187W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2276K      OmniBook 6000B-F2282WT      OmniBook 6000B-F2283W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2284WG      OmniBook 6000B-F2461WT      OmniBook 6000B-F2462W   
          OmniBook 6000B-F2470KV      OmniBook 6000B-F3703WS      OmniBook 6000B-F3704KS   
          OmniBook 6000B-F3704KV      OmniBook 6000B-F3704WV      OmniBook 6000B-F3706KS   
          OmniBook 6000C Series      OmniBook 6000C-F2188K      OmniBook 6000C-F2188KG   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2188KT      OmniBook 6000C-F2188W      OmniBook 6000C-F2188WG   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2188WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2189K      OmniBook 6000C-F2189KG   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2189KT      OmniBook 6000C-F2189W      OmniBook 6000C-F2189WG   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2189WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2197K      OmniBook 6000C-F2197KG   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2197KT      OmniBook 6000C-F2197W      OmniBook 6000C-F2197WG   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2197WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2198K      OmniBook 6000C-F2198KG   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2198KT      OmniBook 6000C-F2198W      OmniBook 6000C-F2198WG   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2198WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2200K      OmniBook 6000C-F2200KG   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2200KR      OmniBook 6000C-F2200KT      OmniBook 6000C-F2200W   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2200WG      OmniBook 6000C-F2200WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2201K   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2201KG      OmniBook 6000C-F2201KT      OmniBook 6000C-F2201W   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2201WG      OmniBook 6000C-F2201WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2202K   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2202KG      OmniBook 6000C-F2202KT      OmniBook 6000C-F2202W   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2202WG      OmniBook 6000C-F2202WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2203K   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2203KG      OmniBook 6000C-F2203KT      OmniBook 6000C-F2203W   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2203WG      OmniBook 6000C-F2203WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2205K   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2205KT      OmniBook 6000C-F2205W      OmniBook 6000C-F2427W   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2427WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2449WT      OmniBook 6000C-F2451KT   
          OmniBook 6000C-F2452KT      OmniBook 6000C-F3675KS      OmniBook 6000C-F3713KS   
          OmniBook 6000C-F3731KS      OmniBook 6000C-F3744WS      OmniBook 6000C-F4962WS   
          OmniBook 6100      OmniBook 6100 Series      OmniBook 6100-F3251J   
          OmniBook 6100-F3251JC      OmniBook 6100-F3251JG      OmniBook 6100-F3251JT   
          OmniBook 6100-F3251K      OmniBook 6100-F3251KG      OmniBook 6100-F3251KT   
          OmniBook 6100-F3251W      OmniBook 6100-F3251WG      OmniBook 6100-F3251WT   
          OmniBook 6100-F3252JG      OmniBook 6100-F3252JT      OmniBook 6100-F3252K   
          OmniBook 6100-F3252KG      OmniBook 6100-F3252KT      OmniBook 6100-F3252WG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3252WT      OmniBook 6100-F3253J      OmniBook 6100-F3253K   
          OmniBook 6100-F3253KG      OmniBook 6100-F3253KR      OmniBook 6100-F3253KT   
          OmniBook 6100-F3253W      OmniBook 6100-F3253WG      OmniBook 6100-F3253WT   
          OmniBook 6100-F3257J      OmniBook 6100-F3257JT      OmniBook 6100-F3257K   
          OmniBook 6100-F3257KG      OmniBook 6100-F3257KT      OmniBook 6100-F3257W   
          OmniBook 6100-F3257WG      OmniBook 6100-F3257WT      OmniBook 6100-F3258K   
          OmniBook 6100-F3258KG      OmniBook 6100-F3258KT      OmniBook 6100-F3258W   
          OmniBook 6100-F3258WG      OmniBook 6100-F3258WT      OmniBook 6100-F3259J   
          OmniBook 6100-F3259K      OmniBook 6100-F3259KG      OmniBook 6100-F3259KT   
          OmniBook 6100-F3259W      OmniBook 6100-F3259WG      OmniBook 6100-F3259WT   
          OmniBook 6100-F3260H      OmniBook 6100-F3260J      OmniBook 6100-F3260JT   
          OmniBook 6100-F3260JV      OmniBook 6100-F3260K      OmniBook 6100-F3260KG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3260KR      OmniBook 6100-F3260KT      OmniBook 6100-F3260W   
          OmniBook 6100-F3260WG      OmniBook 6100-F3260WT      OmniBook 6100-F3261K   
          OmniBook 6100-F3261KG      OmniBook 6100-F3261KT      OmniBook 6100-F3261W   
          OmniBook 6100-F3261WG      OmniBook 6100-F3261WT      OmniBook 6100-F3262J   
          OmniBook 6100-F3262JT      OmniBook 6100-F3262K      OmniBook 6100-F3262KG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3262KT      OmniBook 6100-F3262W      OmniBook 6100-F3262WG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3262WT      OmniBook 6100-F3263J      OmniBook 6100-F3263JG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3263JT      OmniBook 6100-F3263K      OmniBook 6100-F3263KG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3263KT      OmniBook 6100-F3263W      OmniBook 6100-F3263WG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3263WT      OmniBook 6100-F3264K      OmniBook 6100-F3264KG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3264KT      OmniBook 6100-F3264W      OmniBook 6100-F3264WG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3264WT      OmniBook 6100-F3265J      OmniBook 6100-F3265JG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3265JT      OmniBook 6100-F3265K      OmniBook 6100-F3265KG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3265KT      OmniBook 6100-F3265W      OmniBook 6100-F3265WG   
          OmniBook 6100-F3265WT      OmniBook 6100-F3266J      OmniBook 6100-F3266K   
          OmniBook 6100-F3266KG      OmniBook 6100-F3266KT      OmniBook 6100-F3266W   
          OmniBook 6100-F3266WG      OmniBook 6100-F3266WT      OmniBook 6100-F3267K   
          OmniBook 6100-F3267W      OmniBook 6100-F3268J      OmniBook 6100-F3268K   
          OmniBook 6100-F3268KG      OmniBook 6100-F3268KT      OmniBook 6100-F3268W   
          OmniBook 6100-F3268WG      OmniBook 6100-F3268WT      OmniBook 6100-F3679KS   
          OmniBook 6100-F3683KS      OmniBook 6100-F3685KS      OmniBook 6100-F3851KV   
          OmniBook 6100-F3851W      OmniBook 6100-F3851WT      OmniBook 6100-F3851WV   
          OmniBook 6100-F3852W      OmniBook 6100-F3853W      OmniBook 6100-F3899KS   
          OmniBook 6100-F4155KS      OmniBook 6100-F4161AV      OmniBook 6100-F4736JS   
          OmniBook 6100-F4737HS      OmniBook 6100-F4737WS      OmniBook 6100-F4743WV   
          OmniBook 6100-F4746JS      OmniBook 6100-F4746WV      OmniBook 6100-F4753JS   
          OmniBook 6100-F4754JS      OmniBook 6100-F4947JT      OmniBook 6100-F4947KT   
          OmniBook 6100-F4947WT      OmniBook 6100-F4948JT      OmniBook 6100-F4948KT   
          OmniBook 6100-F4948WT      OmniBook 6100-F4950WS      OmniBook 6100-F4963WS   
          OmniBook 6100-F4975JS      OmniBook 6100-F5145LV      OmniBook 6100-F5166WC   
          OmniBook 6100-F5167KC      OmniBook 6100-F5184WT      OmniBook 6100-F5193D   
          OmniBook 6100-F5269WS      OmniBook 6100-F5350JS      OmniBook 6100-F5351KS   
          OmniBook 6100-F5616KS      OmniBook 6100-F5660LV      OmniBook 6100-F6745HS   
          OmniBook 6100-F6746JS      OmniBook VT6200      OmniBook VT6200 Series   
          OmniBook VT6200-F4527HS      OmniBook VT6200-F5037J      OmniBook VT6200-F5037JC   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5037JG      OmniBook VT6200-F5037JT      OmniBook VT6200-F5038J   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5038JC      OmniBook VT6200-F5038JG      OmniBook VT6200-F5038JT   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5040J      OmniBook VT6200-F5040JC      OmniBook VT6200-F5040JG   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5040JT      OmniBook VT6200-F5042J      OmniBook VT6200-F5042JC   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5042JG      OmniBook VT6200-F5042JT      OmniBook VT6200-F5043J   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5043JC      OmniBook VT6200-F5043JG      OmniBook VT6200-F5043JT   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5044J      OmniBook VT6200-F5047J      OmniBook VT6200-F5047JT   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5048J      OmniBook VT6200-F5050J      OmniBook VT6200-F5051J   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5051JG      OmniBook VT6200-F5052JT      OmniBook VT6200-F5053J   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5054JT      OmniBook VT6200-F5055J      OmniBook VT6200-F5056J   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5056JT      OmniBook VT6200-F5057J      OmniBook VT6200-F5060J   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5060JT      OmniBook VT6200-F5061J      OmniBook VT6200-F5061JT   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5157J      OmniBook VT6200-F5157JT      OmniBook VT6200-F5177J   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5177JT      OmniBook VT6200-F5280HS      OmniBook VT6200-F5506JS   
          OmniBook VT6200-F5510HS      OmniBook VT6200-F5827JS      OmniBook VT6200-F6751JS   
          OmniBook XT6050      OmniBook XT6050 Series      OmniBook XT6050-F4503AV   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4506HC      OmniBook XT6050-F4506HG      OmniBook XT6050-F4506HT   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4506J      OmniBook XT6050-F4506JC      OmniBook XT6050-F4506JG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4506JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4506KC      OmniBook XT6050-F4506KG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4506KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4507HC      OmniBook XT6050-F4507HG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4507HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4507JC      OmniBook XT6050-F4507JG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4507JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4507KC      OmniBook XT6050-F4507KG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4507KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4508HC      OmniBook XT6050-F4508HG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4508HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4508JC      OmniBook XT6050-F4508JG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4508JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4508KC      OmniBook XT6050-F4508KG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4508KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4509HC      OmniBook XT6050-F4509HG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4509HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4509JC      OmniBook XT6050-F4509JG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4509JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4509KC      OmniBook XT6050-F4509KG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4509KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4510HC      OmniBook XT6050-F4510HG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4510HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4510J      OmniBook XT6050-F4510JC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4510JG      OmniBook XT6050-F4510JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4510KC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4510KG      OmniBook XT6050-F4510KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4511HC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4511HG      OmniBook XT6050-F4511HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4511JC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4511JG      OmniBook XT6050-F4511JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4511KC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4511KG      OmniBook XT6050-F4511KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4512HC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4512HG      OmniBook XT6050-F4512HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4512JC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4512JG      OmniBook XT6050-F4512JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4512KC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4512KG      OmniBook XT6050-F4512KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4513HC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4513HG      OmniBook XT6050-F4513HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4513JC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4513JG      OmniBook XT6050-F4513JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4513KC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4513KG      OmniBook XT6050-F4513KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4514H   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4514HC      OmniBook XT6050-F4514HG      OmniBook XT6050-F4514HT   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4514J      OmniBook XT6050-F4514JC      OmniBook XT6050-F4514JG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4514JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4514KC      OmniBook XT6050-F4514KG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4514KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4515HC      OmniBook XT6050-F4515HG   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4515HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4515J      OmniBook XT6050-F4515JC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4515JG      OmniBook XT6050-F4515JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4515KC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4515KG      OmniBook XT6050-F4515KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4516HC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4516HG      OmniBook XT6050-F4516HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4516JC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4516JG      OmniBook XT6050-F4516JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4516KC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4516KG      OmniBook XT6050-F4516KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4517HC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4517HG      OmniBook XT6050-F4517HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4517JC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4517JG      OmniBook XT6050-F4517JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4517KC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4517KG      OmniBook XT6050-F4517KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4518HC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4518HG      OmniBook XT6050-F4518HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4518JC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4518JG      OmniBook XT6050-F4518JT      OmniBook XT6050-F4518KC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4518KG      OmniBook XT6050-F4518KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4519HC   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4519HG      OmniBook XT6050-F4519HT      OmniBook XT6050-F4519J   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4519JC      OmniBook XT6050-F4519JG      OmniBook XT6050-F4519JT   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4519KC      OmniBook XT6050-F4519KT      OmniBook XT6050-F4520HT   
          OmniBook XT6050-F4520JT      OmniBook XT6050-F5365JS      OmniBook XT6050-F5652JS   
          OmniBook XT6200      OmniBook XT6200 Series      OmniBook XT6200-F4525H   
          OmniBook XT6200-F4525HC      OmniBook XT6200-F4525HG      OmniBook XT6200-F4526HS   
          OmniBook XT6200-F4526J      OmniBook XT6200-F4526JC      OmniBook XT6200-F4526JG   
          OmniBook XT6200-F4526JT      OmniBook XT6200-F4527J      OmniBook XT6200-F4527JC   
          OmniBook XT6200-F4527JG      OmniBook XT6200-F4527JT      OmniBook XT6200-F4528JG   
          OmniBook XT6200-F4528JT      OmniBook XT6200-F4530J      OmniBook XT6200-F4531J   
          OmniBook XT6200-F4531JG      OmniBook XT6200-F4533J      OmniBook XT6200-F4533JC   
          OmniBook XT6200-F4533JG      OmniBook XT6200-F4533JT      OmniBook XT6200-F4534J   
          OmniBook XT6200-F4535J      OmniBook XT6200-F4535JC      OmniBook XT6200-F4535JG   
          OmniBook XT6200-F4535JT      OmniBook XT6200-F5377H      OmniBook XT6200-F5378J   
          OmniBook XT6200-F5378JT      OmniBook XT6200-F5379J      OmniBook XT6200-F5379JT   
          OmniBook XT6200-F5382J      OmniBook XT6200-F5383J      OmniBook XT6200-F5383JT   
          OmniBook XT6200-F5385J      OmniBook XT6200-F5386J      OmniBook XT6200-F5386JC   
          OmniBook XT6200-F5387J      OmniBook XT6200-F5387JT      OmniBook XT6200-F5394J   
          OmniBook XT6200-F5394JT      OmniBook XT6200-F5604JT      OmniBook XT6200-F5615JS   
          OmniBook XT6200-F5817JS      OmniBook XT6200-F5864J      OmniBook XT6200-F5864JT   
          OmniBook XT6200-F5865J      Pavilion N6000      Pavilion N6100 Series   
          Pavilion N6190      Pavilion N6190-F1953A      Pavilion N6195   
          Pavilion N6195 Series      Pavilion N6195-F1954A      Pavilion N6300 Series   
          Pavilion N6395      Pavilion N6395-F2971M      Pavilion N6395-F2971MR   
          Pavilion N6396      Pavilion N6396-F3242M      Pavilion N6397   
          Pavilion N6397-F3243M      Pavilion N6398      Pavilion N6398-F3244M   
          Pavilion N6399      Pavilion N6400      Pavilion N6400 Series   
          Pavilion N6400-F3246M      Pavilion N6401      Pavilion N6401-F3247M   
          Pavilion N6402      Pavilion N6402-F3248M      Pavilion N6403   
          Pavilion N6403-F3249M      Pavilion N6404      Pavilion N6404-F3250M   
          Pavilion N6490      Pavilion N6490 Series      Pavilion N6490-F3549M   
          Pavilion N6490-F3549MR   Series Laptop Battery


      Compatible with 14.4v / 14.8v only




      138.67 x 85.35 x 20.60 mm








      Product Features


      • 18 month warranty, 30 day money back & 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, 100,000+ happy customers!
      • #1 laptop battery life in industry. 700-800 full charges & discharges. 20%+ more than industry average in tests.
      • New replacement HP F2019 battery. Premium Japanese cells with industry-leading patented technologies!
      • Built-in safeguards protect against short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharging and overheating. Built to be reliable.
      • Manufactured to the highest quality available in industry with true enhanced performance.
      • Average run-time: 4-6 hours (6 or 8 cells, 4400-5200mAh), 6-8 hours (9 or 12 cells, 6600-8800mAh).
      • 50%+ off suggested retail price. The most durable HP F2019 battery at an affordable price.
      • No memory effect and environmentally friendly.
      • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001, UL.

      * This is an 100% compatible replacement accessory. Related trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

      Company Profile


      We are a professional manufacturer of laptop accessories with a wide selection of models compatible with major laptop brands. A complete set of manufacturing and testing processes, including Molding & Injection, COB Testing, Automatic SMT, Aging Testing, and Quality Control, ensures us to fulfill the fast-rising market demands with the best quality of products. Our products are precision-engineered and rigorously tested for voltage, current, compatibility and safety to exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art PCB designs add huge value to the product stability, safety and performance, and have made us a true leader in the ever-changing market.

      Our company is ISO9001 certified and all of our products have passed CE and FCC certifications. The faith of our production and R&D team is to pay endless efforts on quality. In order to achieve consistent manufacturing quality, particularly in mass production phases, our Quality Control department keeps close eyes on raw materials and components, and ensures that our manufacturing process and products are always in compliance with both industrial and international standards.

      Customer Reviews
      My battery shipped FAST and was a perfect fit for my M1530. Very pleased with the price. My laptop now runs on battery like it did when it was new. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

      Customer Isabelle

      Warranty replacement received. Excellent customer service! Thank you.

      Customer Nolan

      I lost my laptop adapter and found the replacement here. The site was easy to use, and my order arrived in 3 days. I have to thank you for getting my laptop up and running again :)

      Customer Nathaniel

      We are a high school. Searched a number of sites for the battery for our laptops and found this site. Not only was the product a great price (better than anyone else), their batteries outperformed the OEM. Thank You for a great experience!

      Customer Alice

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