18 Month Warranty

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  • 8 Cells HP Pavilion N3000 N3100 N3200 N3300 N3400 Omnibook Xe Xe2 Series Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 14.8V 4400mAh

Premium 8 Cells HP Pavilion N3000 N3100 N3200 N3300 N3400 Omnibook Xe Xe2 Series Replacement Laptop Notebook Battery 14.8V 4400mAh

  • Model #: HP XE2 Battery
  • List Price: US$133.00
  • Price: US$52.95

  • You Save: US$80.05 (60%)

  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 18 Months
  • Availability: 100+ available / 10 sold
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  • Location: NJ / CA, United States

  • 18 Month Warranty Premium quality Extreme performance 30 day money back guarantee

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  • Price: US$52.95

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      * For longer run-time, search for higher capacity models with more mAh or Whr.


      HP XE2

      Part Numbers:

      4UR18650-2-7, F1739A, F1739B, F1753-60978

      Fits Models:

      OmniBook XE Series      OmniBook XE-DA Series      OmniBook XE-DA-F1719W   
          OmniBook XE-DA-F1719WR      OmniBook XE-DA-F1719WT      OmniBook XE-DA-F1720W   
          OmniBook XE-DA-F1720WR      OmniBook XE-DA-F1720WT      OmniBook XE-DA-F1721W   
          OmniBook XE-DA-F1721WR      OmniBook XE-DA-F1721WT      OmniBook XE-DA-F1722W   
          OmniBook XE-DA-F1722WR      OmniBook XE-DA-F1722WT      OmniBook XE2 Series   
          OmniBook XE2-DB Series      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1723W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1723WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1723WT      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1724W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1724WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1724WT      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725N      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725NT   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725WR      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1725WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1726W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1726WR      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1726WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1749W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1749WR      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1750W   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1750WR      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1753W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1753WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1753WT      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1754W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1754WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1754WT      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1755W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1755WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1755WT      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756N      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756NT   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756WR      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1756WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1757W      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1757WR      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1758W   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1758WR      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1763A      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1764A   
          OmniBook XE2-DB-F1766NT      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1779D      OmniBook XE2-DB-F1789WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC Series      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1664W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1664WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F1664WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1665W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1665WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F1665WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666N      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666NT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666WR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1666WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667N      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667NT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667WR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1667WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1668W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F1669W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1670W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1675W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F1675WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1676NT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1676WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F1677W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1677WR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F1677WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2004WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2027WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2028WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2030WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2033W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2034W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2038WG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2039WG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2040WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2041WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2042W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2046W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2047W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051WG   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051WR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2051WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052K   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052KG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052KT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052WG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052WR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2052WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053K      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053KG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053KR   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053KT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053WG   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053WR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2053WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054K   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054KG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054KR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054KT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054WG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2054WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055K      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055KG   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055KR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055KT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055WG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055WR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2055WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2056W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2057W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2058W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2059W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2060W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2061K   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2063WG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2063WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065K   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065KG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065KT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065WG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2065WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066K   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066KG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066KT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066WG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2066WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2067W   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069K      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069KG      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069KR   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069KT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069WG   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069WR      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2069WT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070K   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070KT      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070W      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2070WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DC-F2190K      OmniBook XE2-DC-F2190W      OmniBook XE2-DD Series   
          OmniBook XE2-DD-F1671N      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1672W      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1673W   
          OmniBook XE2-DD-F1772W      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1772WR      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1772WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774N      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774NT      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774W   
          OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774WR      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1774WT      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775N   
          OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775NT      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775W      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DD-F1775WT      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1776W      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1777W   
          OmniBook XE2-DD-F1961WT      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1962W      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1962WT   
          OmniBook XE2-DD-F1971WT      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1972WT      OmniBook XE2-DD-F1984W   
          OmniBook XE2-DE Series      OmniBook XE2-DE-F1674W      OmniBook XE2-DE-F1674WR   
          OmniBook XE2-DE-F1674WT      OmniBook XE2-DI Series      OmniBook XE2-DI-F2062W   
          OmniBook XE2-DI-F2062WR      OmniBook XE2-DI-F2062WT      OmniBook XE2-DI-F2068W   
          OmniBook XE2-DI-F2068WR      OmniBook XE2-DI-F2068WT      OmniBook XE2-DI-F2191W   
          OmniBook XE2-DI-F2192W      Pavilion N3000 -F1920A      Pavilion N3000 Series   
          Pavilion N3100 Series      Pavilion N3110      Pavilion N3110-F1911A   
          Pavilion N3150      Pavilion N3150-F1912A      Pavilion N3190   
          Pavilion N3190-F1913A      Pavilion N3200 Series      Pavilion N3210   
          Pavilion N3210-F1914A      Pavilion N3215      Pavilion N3215-F1919A   
          Pavilion N3250      Pavilion N3250-F1916A      Pavilion N3250-F1916AR   
          Pavilion N3270      Pavilion N3270-F1917A      Pavilion N3290   
          Pavilion N3290-F1918A      Pavilion N3295      Pavilion N3295-F1925A   
          Pavilion N3295-F1925AR      Pavilion N3300 Series      Pavilion N3310   
          Pavilion N3310-F1926A      Pavilion N3330      Pavilion N3330-F1927A   
          Pavilion N3350      Pavilion N3350-F1928A      Pavilion N3350-F1928AR   
          Pavilion N3370      Pavilion N3370-F1929A      Pavilion N3370-F1929AR   
          Pavilion N3380      Pavilion N3380-F1930A      Pavilion N3390   
          Pavilion N3390-F1931A      Pavilion N3400 Series      Pavilion N3402-F1952A  
          Pavilion N3410      Pavilion N3410-F1921A      Pavilion N3410-F1921AR   
          Pavilion N3438      Pavilion N3438-F1943A      Pavilion N3438-F1943AR   
          Pavilion N3478      Pavilion N3478-F1944A      Pavilion N3478-F1944AR   
          Pavilion N3490      Pavilion N3490-F1945A   
       Series Laptop Battery


      Compatible with 14.4v / 14.8v only




      274.80 x 57.30 x 20.80 mm


       Dark Grey






      Product Features


      • 18 month warranty, 30 day money back & 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, 100,000+ happy customers!
      • #1 laptop battery life in industry. 700-800 full charges & discharges. 20%+ more than industry average in tests.
      • New replacement HP XE2 battery. Premium Japanese cells with industry-leading patented technologies!
      • Built-in safeguards protect against short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharging and overheating. Built to be reliable.
      • Manufactured to the highest quality available in industry with true enhanced performance.
      • Average run-time: 4-6 hours (6 or 8 cells, 4400-5200mAh), 6-8 hours (9 or 12 cells, 6600-8800mAh).
      • 50%+ off suggested retail price. The most durable HP XE2 battery at an affordable price.
      • No memory effect and environmentally friendly.
      • Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO9001, UL.

      * This is an 100% compatible replacement accessory. Related trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

      Company Profile


      We are a professional manufacturer of laptop accessories with a wide selection of models compatible with major laptop brands. A complete set of manufacturing and testing processes, including Molding & Injection, COB Testing, Automatic SMT, Aging Testing, and Quality Control, ensures us to fulfill the fast-rising market demands with the best quality of products. Our products are precision-engineered and rigorously tested for voltage, current, compatibility and safety to exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art PCB designs add huge value to the product stability, safety and performance, and have made us a true leader in the ever-changing market.

      Our company is ISO9001 certified and all of our products have passed CE and FCC certifications. The faith of our production and R&D team is to pay endless efforts on quality. In order to achieve consistent manufacturing quality, particularly in mass production phases, our Quality Control department keeps close eyes on raw materials and components, and ensures that our manufacturing process and products are always in compliance with both industrial and international standards.

      Customer Reviews
      My battery shipped FAST and was a perfect fit for my M1530. Very pleased with the price. My laptop now runs on battery like it did when it was new. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

      Customer Isabelle

      Warranty replacement received. Excellent customer service! Thank you.

      Customer Nolan

      I lost my laptop adapter and found the replacement here. The site was easy to use, and my order arrived in 3 days. I have to thank you for getting my laptop up and running again :)

      Customer Nathaniel

      We are a high school. Searched a number of sites for the battery for our laptops and found this site. Not only was the product a great price (better than anyone else), their batteries outperformed the OEM. Thank You for a great experience!

      Customer Alice

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